Muneeb Chawla

Colorado Data Scientist Muneeb Chawla

An artificial intelligence and machine learning engineer at Auto Profit Masters in Littleton, Colorado, Muneeb Chawla developed a series of predictive Deep Learning models for the automotive industry, including a chatbot to support website customers. Previously, Muneeb Chawla spent three years as a data scientist at CACI. He created a model to predict flight delays and several years as a data scientist and manager at DaVita.

A Ph.D. graduate of the University of Denver, Muneeb Chawla participated in an interdisciplinary program that included business and engineering courses. He wrote his doctoral thesis on space payload signal processing using optimized algorithmic modeling. During this time, he worked as a staff system engineer with Lockheed Martin, where he worked on spacecraft system design, focusing on the analysis and verification of complex payload delivery systems.

When he is not creating predictive learning models for Auto Profit Masters, Muneeb Chawla enjoys hiking, biking, and numerous outdoor activities. Formerly a competitive ice hockey player, he still plays recreationally.

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Muneeb Chawla
Aurora, CO US